Reasons Why A Boiling-Water Tap Should Be Your Next Investment

Here at Kitchen World we aim to provide you with the latest technologies to optimise the functionality of your kitchen, which is why we are approved dealers of Quooker’s innovative boiling-water tap (found on display in our Longmile road and Newbridge showrooms). In this post we’re going to explain to you why a boiling-water tap is a worthwhile investment for your home and why Quooker is our top choice.

How Does It Work?

The Quooker Fusion tap is the tap that does it all, providing boiling, hot, filtered chilled and sparkling water all in one. The Quooker tap uses patented technology featuring a vacuum tank that allows water to be kept at 110 degrees under pressure. It is essentially like a flask, which keeps the water hot without requiring much energy, and only boils it when exiting the tap. The tap has two filters, making the water just as pure as bottled water, and also has a CO2 cylinder attached, which provides 60 litres of sparkling water. The filters, which can be ordered from the Quooker webshop, last around a year and the tap will prompt you when they need replaced by beeping. Replacement CO2 cylinders can also be ordered through the website and empty cylinders can be returned free of charge.

Why Invest?

Cost Effective

Although there is a higher upfront cost when purchasing a boiling-water tap over a kettle, the cost of operating the boiling-water tap is much lower. Quooker states that the cost of using the boiling tap is 1 cent per litre delivered or 3 cents per day. Comparing this to the cost of boiling one full kettle (approximately 1.5 litres), which is 2.5 cents, there would be a significant reduction in yearly household expenses. Furthermore, the boiling-water tap comes with the promise of longevity, with an average lifespan of between 15 and 20 years.


The Quooker tap provides instant boiling water, making it a massive time saver. Think of all the reasons you need boiling water during the day, perhaps you start the day with a cup of tea or coffee, followed by more throughout the day? Need to sterilise the baby’s bottles? Fancy a snack of instant soup or noodles in the afternoon? Boiling water is essential for most meals in the evening and necessary when removing stubborn food and grease from your pots and pans. Think of all the time you could save not having to estimate how much water you need and then wait for the kettle to boil, it all adds up. A boiling water tap would also be a useful aid to those with mobility problems as it removes the problem of filling and lifting a heavy kettle.

Saves Energy

According to Lyons, Ireland’s leading tea brand, the average Irish person consumes approximately 300 litres of tea a year. That’s a lot of tea and a lot of energy exerted by our trusted kettles. It’s easy to see why the Kettle is the largest energy consumer in the kitchen. Furthermore, using hot water from a central heating tank typically means it would have to travel a significant distance to reach your kitchen tap, in turn using more energy and losing large amounts of heat and water. The Quooker COMBI tank is the most energy efficient hot water heating with boiling feature in the world (yes, in the world) and has been awarded Energy label A. This is down to the high-vacuum insulation of the Quooker water tank, which stops the heat from escaping. Therefore, very little energy (10 watts) is needed to keep the water in the tank at boiling point, making it a much more energy efficient alternative to the kettle.


With climate change becoming increasingly evident, there has never been a more critical time to begin implementing more sustainable practices into our lives. A Quooker tap is an investment into your future and not only will you save water and energy, you will help to reduce the use of disposable plastic bottles. The filtration system in the Quooker provides chilled and sparkling water with bottled water standard purity. The tap can provide cold water immediately, which helps to tackle the problem of water wastage, as there is no longer a need to leave the water running until it turns cold. And it’s not just the tap itself, Quooker strives for sustainability throughout its whole production process. In 2016 they rebuilt their premises with 900 solar panels, which supplies all of their energy. Furthermore, they recycle old products and manage waste flows sustainably, in line with the WEEE (Waste of Electrical and Electronic Equipment) Act.

More Space

Having a boiling-water tap removes the need for a kettle, subsequently freeing up counter space and reducing clutter. This makes it the perfect addition to a minimalist, contemporary kitchen look. It only requires some cupboard space for the water tank, which is round and compact leaving plenty of room for other storage.


An obvious concern surrounding a boiling-water tap is, is it safe? Especially when it could be in reach of children. The Quooker tap has a child-safe handle that has been extensively tested. The complex movement required to turn the boiling-water tap on means that the risk of accidentally turning it on is very small. Furthermore, a light ring illuminates to warn the user that it is on. The rotatable spout on the tap, which is used to aim the water flow, is also insulated to provide further protection.

Tastes Better

If you’re particular about how your water tastes and don’t like the taste of the water in your area then the Quooker tap would be a great addition to your home. The Quooker tap has an active carbon filter in the cylinder that purifies the water. This process removes impurities such as chlorine, bacteria, pesticides and other forms of contamination. Therefore, removing what would create a bad taste. Additionally, as the water is stored at 110 degrees within the cylinder, it is boiled through.

The Quooker Fusion all-in-one tap comes in two distinct styles, round and square, which are pictured below. They also come in 5 amazing colours, providing an option to suit the colour scheme of any kitchen.

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