Top Kitchen Trends for 2021

Are you thinking it's time to revamp your kitchen, but are lacking the inspiration? Don't worry, Kitchen World has you covered! We've consulted our designers and collated the top current kitchen trends so you don't have to:

Dark Kitchens

Dark coloured kitchens are a striking contemporary trend. They make the kitchen feel cosy, yet ultra chic. The contrast is important when it comes to this trend, add lighter colours to brighten and soften the room. Warm metallic detailing in the handles, lights or sink will reflect light around the room to also add some brightness.

Green Kitchens

Bring the outdoors inside in with earthy tones for your kitchen. A rich, deep green kitchen pairs beautifully with wooden detailing, keeping in line with the natural feel. This may be a slightly unconventional choice but it is certainly sophisticated look.

Two-tone Kitchens

A two-tone kitchen is the perfect option for adding a pop of colour to your traditional white kitchen in an understated way. A light kitchen with a dark coloured island is an increasingly popular method to achieving this modern look.

Boiling-water Taps

A boiling water tap is not only convenient but much more environmentally friendly than your kettle, and you won’t have to sacrifice on style as the Quooker boiling water tap comes in a range of colours. Read our previous blog post here, where we outline why a Boiling-water tap is the next bit of kitchen technology you need.

Dining Islands

Building on the casual breakfast bar, a recent trend popular with designers is the dining island. This is where a dining table is extended from the island, which can be seen below showcasing the kitchen dining island we installed on DIY SOS. This feature allows for a much more sociable and integrated dining and cooking experience for families or when hosting guests.

Handleless Kitchens

Handless kitchens are the perfect contemporary, stylish and convenient choice of kitchen cupboard door. They create a streamlined look and are perfect for a small kitchen when needing to create more space. Kitchen World’s Straffan Handless door is the best option for achieving this ultra modern look.

The Kitchen Larder

Having a tidy home is extremely beneficial for our wellbeing, especially now as we’re spending more time in the home than ever. Decluttering your kitchen is a great place to start in making your life easier, which makes the kitchen larder an essential design feature. Kitchen larders offer a stylish and practical way to maximise storage space and organise your ingredients and appliances all into one place. It can also free up some wall space, which could potentially be used to add some flare to your kitchen with a piece of wall art.

A Copper Finish

The cool tones of silver and platinum are now increasingly being replaced with gorgeous copper, brass or gold tones. As mentioned previously, they contrast beautifully with darker toned kitchens to brighten up the room. These little details do a lot to enhance a kitchen and add a warm, sophisticated glow.

Painted Kitchens

Painted kitchens create a classic and luxurious finish. The big advantage of our painted ranges are the variety of colours to choose from, making it perfect for achieving either a modern or more traditional look. Our Denver range is available in 26 beautiful colours and our Remmington door can be made in any colour of your choosing. What’s more, a painted door wears well and is much easier repairable than laminate, making it a more ecologically sound investment. Furthermore, when you feel like a change the doors can be repainted in the future to update the look of your kitchen.

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