Choosing the right Countertop for you

Selecting the most appropriate material for your countertop is an extremely important consideration for multiple reasons. You must not only think about what aesthetic you are trying to achieve for your kitchen, but also how much use your kitchen will get; how much maintenance you are prepared to undertake; and what material will match your budget. Here is our quick guide that will help you find the countertop that fulfils your needs:


Marble is certainly a high-end choice for your kitchen countertop. It’s a sophisticated and luxurious natural stone, where no two look exactly alike, making it a unique addition to your kitchen. However, it comes with the high price tag and falls short in durability. Marble is porous and softer than other stones, which means it will stain and scratch easier and, therefore, need regular maintenance. In conclusion, It is a beautiful stone and a top choice aesthetically, but for a household with children it may not be the most practical option.


Granite is another natural stone, which exudes elegance. It comes in many variations, ranging from dark to light colours, and can be cut into a multitude of shapes, making it more diverse than marble. It is also a much more durable option, making it amongst the most expensive countertop materials. It has a porous surface, so would require a sealant every 10 to 15 years to maintain it, but it is incredibly strong and heat resistant.


Quartz countertops are not 100% natural, as they are usually man-made consisting of 7% binders. Quartz is still a high-class option, reflected in the price tag, which gives the appearance of natural stones such as marble or granite but is less susceptible to stains and markings. It also comes in a far more diverse spectrum of colours for you to choose from. This is a great option if you don’t want to compromise on looks but are wanting a surface suitable for a family home.


Solid-surface is made with a combination of acrylic and resins, making it easily moulded into virtually any shape. It is a middle-tier priced option, which offers great dupes of granite and marble. Furthermore, it is stain-resistant and any scratches can be buffed out easily, making it rank well for durability. However, it is not heat-resistant.


Laminate is the budget-friendly choice of countertop. However, it no longer compromises on style. Laminate has evolved from its often dated look and can give the appearance of more expensive materials, such as stone and wood. It will not stain and is very easily maintained, as it does not need resealed. However, it can be damaged from heat easily.


Wood is a more affordable option and offers many different varieties, adding a warmth and rustic feel to your kitchen. It is a very porous material, so will stain if spills aren’t cleaned up quickly. It is typically not used throughout the whole kitchen, but could perhaps be used for a middle island to bring a touch of charm and keep costs down.


Concrete is a bold and striking countertop choice. They are rather expensive, as they are essentially custom made to fit your kitchen. However, it is an incredibly durable and hard material, can be formed into any shape and can be pigmented to just about any colour you desire.

Stainless steel

Stainless steel is popular in commercial kitchens, but is now a growing trend in residential homes. It can create a chic and industrial look for your kitchen and if it is cleaned properly it is easy to maintain. As a whole it is a considerably durable material and is non-porous. However, it shows up fingerprints easily, meaning it may not be ideal when trying to keep clean with young children in the home.

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