Top Tips for Making the Best out of Your Design Consultation

So, you've booked your design consultation with Kitchen World, but now you're thinking how can I best prepare myself to get the most out of my design consultation? There are many factors to consider when redesigning your kitchen and with some preplanning you can ensure that our designers have the information they need to create the kitchen of your dreams. We strive to make sure that our customers leave their consultations feeling as though they received all of the information they need and that they are thrilled with their design. Read on to find out our top tips for making the best out of your design consultation and if you haven't already you can book a design consultation by clicking the button at the bottom of this page and filling out the form.

Look at the ranges on our website

Firstly, it’s good to have a look on our website to see what styles and colours catch your eye. We have kitchens to suit all tastes, ranging from our traditional shaker style doors to our ultra modern Straffan Handless range.

Collect Inspiration

You want to have an idea of what sort of design aspects match your style, do love the look of dark and moody or light and bright kitchens? Are you looking to update to a modern style door or do you prefer the look of a timeless traditional style? Does the look of a particular countertop appeal to you? and what sort of finishing touches would you add for the extra wow factor? You can find our blog outlining the top kitchen trends for 2021 here for inspiration or our quick guide to finding the right countertop materials for you here. Furthermore, there are endless resources online or in house magazines for inspiration. You could create a mood board on pinterest or an ideas board in Houzz (dont forget to check out our Houzz page to see some of our happy customer’s completed kitchens).

Think about how you use your kitchen

Determine whether you’ll be using the kitchen solely for cooking or will you also be entertaining guests and socialising (when allowed, of course). Do you have a big family and do a lot of cooking or will it just be used for a quick meal? This will influence how functional your kitchen will need to be regarding what appliances you may need and also the layout of the kitchen to create optimum flow.

Think about appliances

Will you be incorporating your existing appliances into your new kitchen or will you be investing in some new ones? Or a mixture of both? Do you want them to be integrated or freestanding? Appliances must be considered from the start to ascertain the dimensions and layout of the kitchen and to make sure plumbing and electrical points are accessible. If you want a kitchen island with a sink and plugs you may need to look into plumbing and electricity access.

Think about lighting

Do you want under cabinet lighting? Hanging lights? Spotlights? Lighting is another important consideration when creating the layout of a kitchen.

Think about budget

It is important for factor in your budget from the start so our designers can pick the most appropriate materials and appliances, and guide you towards a plan that falls within your budget, but still creates your desired outcome.

Think about your current kitchen

What does and doesn’t work for you with your current kitchen? What annoys you and what would you like to keep? Think about whether you may need more storage or whether your kitchen has a good flow to it when you’re cooking. Is everything as easily accessible and organised as it could be? Let our expert kitchen designers rid you of those annoyances and optimise your space.


You may, perhaps, be wanting a more open plan living space than you have now. If that is the case, you will need to consider what walls may need to be removed and the impact this will have on other rooms. Deciding this before your appointment will help our designers create a more accurate plan and timescale for you.

After considering all of these points you will be well on your way to creating your dream kitchen. But, don’t worry if you don’t know the answer to everything, that’s why we’re here to guide you!

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