Innovative Storage Solutions for Your Kitchen

The kitchen is usually one of the busiest points of the house and can easily become chaotic. But, it doesn’t have to be that way. With proper storage solutions every item will have a home and your kitchen can feel organised. In turn, reducing stress around meal times. At Kitchen World we offer a large selection of storage components that we can incorporate into your kitchen. Our kitchen designers will work with you to identify any problems you encounter regarding storage in your kitchen and offer you the perfect solution. Rethinking your layout can discover untapped space in your cabinets, drawers and island. Kitchen World solutions remain stylish as well as strategic:

Kitchen Pantry

A pantry is a highly desired kitchen feature today, making a stylish statement and adding huge practical value to your kitchen. The shelving in your pantry can be tailored to suit your needs, whether it be needing spice racks on the doors or room for storing appliances. It can also be integrated effortlessly into your kitchen units or can be free standing. 

Deep Drawers

Deep drawers provide the ideal space for keeping items organised and secure. With full extension, they allow you to see all contents inside, so no items get lost in the back of a dark shelf corner. They also come with open sides, which make the contents much more visible and easily accessible.

Deep drawers can also be equipped with peg organisers to hold your bowls, plates, pots etc.

Extended Storage to Ceiling

Utilise that extra bit of room between the fridge or cabinets and the ceiling for extra storage. Furthermore, have your pantry height tailored to extent to the ceiling. Typically this would just be empty space collecting dust, but you can use this space to store appliances that don’t get a lot of use or in this instance as a wine rack.

Drawer Inserts

Drawers benefit from inserts to organise cutlery, utensils and spices. These small details ensure everything has a place and is easy to find, creating as little friction to your meal times as possible.

Island Storage

Having an Island in your kitchen is extra opportunity for storage. It can be equipped with an extra mini fridge, integrated dishwasher, bin or even an under counter wine fridge. Add open shelving to your island (as pictured below) and place items on display such as glass containers with dried food, plants or cookbooks.

Plate Rack

A plate rack brings a touch of beautiful traditional styling to a kitchen. It shows off your collection, while keeping items out of the way. Plus, it makes them easily accessible when you need them.

Pull-out Shelves

The difficulty of deep cabinets is having to practically climb in to get what you need from the back. Install pull-out shelves with full-extension and low sides to keep items organised and easily accessible. You will no longer have to reach in the back of cabinet to find items. You will be able to view all the contents to find what you need and it enables you to store them neatly away each time. They come in many shapes and sizes to fit your kitchen.

Most kitchens have hidden corner spaces that are difficult to reach, but pull-out corner optimizers can eliminate these blank spaces and maximise your storage capacity.

Bin Systems

We provide pull-out bins that integrate with your cabinetry and have separate compartments for general waste and recycling to keep your waste organised and off your head time.

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