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Choosing the right Countertop for you

Selecting the most appropriate material for your countertop is an extremely important consideration for multiple reasons. You must not only think about what aesthetic you are trying to achieve for your kitchen, but also how much use your kitchen will get; how much maintenance you are prepared to undertake; and what material will match your budget. Here is our quick

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How to Maximise the Space in a Small Kitchen

When contending with a smaller area whilst designing a kitchen, planning the layout, lighting and style is essential for maximising the space and making it feel bigger than it really is. There are many tactics that our designers use for opening up a space, which enables them to deliver your dream kitchen, whatever the size. Light Colours Lighter colours are

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Make the Switch to Homemade Kitchen Cleaning Products: Here’s Why

There are a huge number of options when it comes to chemical cleaners at the supermarket and it’s hard to know what one yields the best results. However, a comparative study by CHOICE actually found that homemade alternatives are just as, if not more, effective than store bought cleaners. Having an effective kitchen cleaner will ensure your appliances and surfaces

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Top Kitchen Trends for 2021

Are you thinking it’s time to revamp your kitchen, but are lacking the inspiration? Don’t worry, Kitchen World has you covered! We’ve consulted our designers and collated the top current kitchen trends so you don’t have to: Dark Kitchens Dark coloured kitchens are a striking contemporary trend. They make the kitchen feel cosy, yet ultra chic. The contrast is important

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Reasons Why A Boiling-Water Tap Should Be Your Next Investment

Here at Kitchen World we aim to provide you with the latest technologies to optimise the functionality of your kitchen, which is why we are approved dealers of Quooker’s innovative boiling-water tap (found on display in our Longmile road and Newbridge showrooms). In this post we’re going to explain to you why a boiling-water tap is a worthwhile investment for

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Top 5 Easy Tips for Reducing Waste in your Kitchen

In honour of the release of David Attenborough’s testimony, ‘A Life on Our Planet’, we here at KITCHENWORLD have collated our top 5 easy tips for reducing waste in your kitchen. According to the EPA people living in Ireland generate an estimated over 15 million tonnes of waste each year and having an organised kitchen is a sure start to

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*Exciting New Range Launch*

We know that the kitchen is the heart of the home and particularly in recent times it’s become more than just a place to cook. That’s why at KITCHENWORLD we constantly strive to offer a multitude of options to cater to your individual needs and make your dream kitchen a reality. We are so excited to introduce our newest range,

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